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Karva Chauth is a celebration of the sacred bond between spouses – a festival that reflects the true flavor of the Indian culture and tradition. Synonymous with a spirit of great fun and merriment, especially for the married women of the house, it is a great time for the husband, mother– in– law and other relatives to express their love, regard and appreciation for the 'biwi' or the 'bahu', by showering her with adorable gifts to suit the occasion. Needless to say no better point than our one stop destination – the Indian Gifts portal which offers you a host of amazing choice of online gifts to choose from and that too without even having to step out from the comfort of your home! So pick, click and send these lovely Karva Chauth gifts to your family whether in India or abroad. You have a humongous range to choose from – from our Karva Chauth collection – sweetmeats, dry fruit packs, jewellery, thalis, apparel, hampers and fusion packs – all customized to suit your taste, style and your pocket as well. Place your order with our esteemed portal now and rest assured the package will be delivered as swiftly as possible. And just wait till you hear from your better half or your newlywed bride or bahu of how your thoughtful gesture has made her day and how Karva Chauth will always be etched in her fond memories forever.

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As far as Indian religious & traditional beliefs are considered, no place other than India in this world celebrates the joy of being connected with each other through rituals & customs followed since time immemorial. Especially when it comes to celebrate the bond shared between husbands & wives, the occasion Karwachauth bears unique values. On this occasion, wives follows a whole day fasting for longer lives of their husbands while all the husbands pray to God for being gifted with such loving wives. If you are one of those who wish to make the occasion of Karwachauth special for your wife, have you chosen anything as a gift for her? If not, then you don’t have to go for Exclusive Karwachauth gift shopping the way you have ever done it before. Yes, you can buy Karvachauth gifts online with Indian Gifts Portal. There is IGP.com for a great collection of Karwachauth gift ideas. There is Karwas & Shringaar available as well. So, you can help your wife in making arrangements for celebrating the occasion. You can even buy Karwachauth Thali from IGP.com. Isn’t it interesting to get everything you need with just a few clicks & taps & not time consuming visits to the market stores? The best way to celebrate a religious occasion is by following related customs in best possible manner & without having any effects of Modernism upon the ways of celebration. And IGP.com values this aspect as it offers everything you need as a part of arrangements. Whether if Karva chauth Thali or Karvachauth Gifts, you can get it all easily as per your convenience & have them delivered to you without much ado. Even if yours is the case of a newly married couple when you wish to surprise your wife with a special gift on the occasion of Karwachauth, IGP.com can help you send Gifts to her directly.

Gifts from Mother-in-law on Karva Chauth

A special touch to the occasion of Karwa Chauth is added with special gifts & eatables given to daughter–in–laws from their mothers–in–law. It is given as a form of blessing to start the fast with their love shared in the form of sweets & dry fruits. Such collection by mother-in-law is called Karwa chauth Sargi & the best thing is that IGP.com serves them too. Thus, to all those trendy mothers who are well aware of online shopping aspects, IGP.com is a treat for Karwachauth. Along with these Sweets & eatables, there is Karwachauth baya, Karwa Chauth Thali & other Karwachauth gifts available online as well.

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Karwachauth gifts from Husbands to their wives, from mothers–in–law to their daughters-in-law, sweets, karwas, everything related to the occasion, IGP.com is there with you to shop for everything related to the occasion. Not only this, Indian Gifts Portal is truly Indian in all possible senses as you can easily find gifts related to almost every Indian festival & occasion. Even if you are living at a distance with your loved ones, sending your love on traditional occasions in the form of Gifts is something that you generally wish to do. With IGP.com, it’s possible. So, shop now!